Seeking Connection

George Orwell dystopian visions where lack of human connection rules the world  fascinates me.

On this Internet era, the imagined future of Orwell,  aren’t we all longing to connect with other human beings to the point of accepting getting rid of our own self?

People most secure accept vulnerability in themselves. They aren’t constantly worried about their appearances or mistakes, but they accept those as part of being human. This in turn allows them to connect and to be well adjusted. 

Vulnerability is not accepted in social networks, this would mean that being connected through social networks could be making us less of a human and more as the mirrored version of ourselves.

Aren’t we just virtual realities, empty projectios of our erased inner fears? Is it this masked version of ourselves a way to keep connected through the unconnected spectrum of the Internet? 

Look for me in this blind sea of invisible connections, where radar sensor’s signals to asses the situation. Let’s pray to the screen, for us to connect and be safe of our own identity, that one that destroys us as it makes us weak, as it makes us humans.